Omni Enviro Water Systems


Wheat, Sesame, Corn, Peppers Tomatoes & Cucumbers (Egypt)

Magnetizing seeds and or irrigation water increased seed germination of wheat by 20%; tomato seeds germination increased by 65%; pepper and cucumber the rate of increase was around 100%.

Magnetized irrigation water increased wheat yield by 12.7% to 33% depending on date of planting.

Increases in sesame production reached 24%.

Response of corn was also around 24%.

For citrus orchard (orange) irrigation with magnetized water for 16 weeks (Des to March) increased the yield of fruit as follows.

Treatment and area

Distance from magnetotron

Yield of fruits tons per area

Non magnetized

(1) 20 acres

Ahead of the magnetotron



(2) 20 acres
(3) 20 acres
(4) 20 acres
(5) 10 acres

0 to 200 m
200 to 400 m
400 to 600 m
600 to 700 m


Uptake of most nutrients increased while that for the harmful heavy metals decreased in seeds, grains and fruits.