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Water productivity for farming

We improve the productivity of ANY water with magnetic science. The Omni Enviro H2O ENERGIZER
delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the plant cell for greater yields, while reducing scaling and salts.

We guarantee a minimum 10% increase in yield using a minimum 10% decrease in water.

We work with the largest farms from California to Nebraska to Florida, with powerful results. Our products help deliver more nutrients and oxygen to the plant cells, fuller soil penetration, while washing away salts and preventing scaling. We use no chemicals or energy, and require no maintenance. The units are guaranteed for ten years, but last longer.

See how farmers are getting More Plant for Less Water

As shown on CNN, FOX Business News, and NBC

Today In America

Omni Enviro featured as one of America’s
Most Innovative Products on Fox Business,
CNN Headline News, and NBC.


  • Increases yields 10-33%
  • Increases water absorption
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Reduces water usage up to 30%
  • Reduces and eliminates salts
  • Reduces fertilizer, pesticides
  • Prevents scaling
  • Corrects boron and soil pH

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Australian Today Tonight Clip

Omni Enviro featured as the product to use for
increased yields using much less water, in a
country suffering through a 10-year drought.


"My baby spinach yield was over 35% higher with the Omni system"

"I got a 27% increase of sweet corn with Omni's system"

"I saved $53,000 in water costs in one season thanks to Omni"

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H2O HDMR Energizer System

The H2O ENERGIZER 1” HDMR System for Home & Garden, and Greenhouse use for healthier, softer, more productive water.


  • No maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • Configurable
  • Scalable
  • Mobile
  • Simple inline installation
  • Guaranteed for 10 years
    (but lasts longer)


Field Results Tell the Story

Greater Uniformity, Increased Yields with Omni Enviro. ALL with Less Water!

Sweet Corn

27% increase in yield using LESS water
27% increase in yield using less water
S&S Produce, Mendota, CA


35% increase in yield using LESS water
Yield results. Untreated water Yield results. Omni water
Rincon Farms, Gonzalez, CA

There's much more than just farming though.
Water productivity for Home & Garden, Health, and more.

Our technology is beneficial for many other uses including Home & Garden, Health, Municipal, Environment, and Industrial applications.